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Do I need to make a reservation?

Nope, just come on in. No appointment is necessary for a tour or to drop-in. If you’re a member, just make sure to check in with reception or check in by tapping your keyfob at the members entrance.

Do I need to bring my computer? Phone?

Yes and yes. Bring whatever you feel you’ll need to have the most productive day possible.

Can I meet with clients?

Of course, visitors are allowed up to 2 hours! We have a beautiful meeting room, meeting space in the Airstream trailer, and an open lounge area, perfect for meeting with clients. The large meeting room seats twelve to sixteen and has a screen that you can cast to.  Reserve the meeting rooms using either our Passport App or up front with reception. Clients who join you for meetings only do not have to pay a drop-in rate. However, if they’d like to stay and work with you all day, please have them purchase a day pass.

Is there parking?

We have some all day parking out front our Port Moody building. If our parking lot is full, there is plenty of 4 hour street parking on Murray Street as well as nearby parking, including free 4 hour parking at Rocky Point Park. Being so close to two SkyTrain stations is super accommodating too, being only about a 10 minute walk.

What is a Hot Desk?
A hot desk is a workspace that is available for use on a first-come, first-served basis. Hot desks are often found in coworking spaces, and are typically set up in an open office layout. They allow people to work flexibly and choose a different place to work each day, rather than being assigned to a specific desk. Hot desks can be used by people who work for different companies or organizations, and are often used by freelancers or people who work remotely. They offer a cost-effective way for people to have a professional place to work, and can also be a good way to meet and collaborate with other professionals.

What is a Dedicated Desk?
A dedicated desk is a specific workspace that is reserved for an individual or team. It is typically located in a shared office space or coworking space, and is set up for the exclusive use of the person or team who has rented it. A dedicated desk is a good option for people who need a consistent, private place to work, and who want to be able to personalize their workspace. Dedicated desks are often more expensive than hot desks, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but they offer more consistency and privacy.

Can I get a private office?

We only have one private office. Many folks who think they need a private office are often surprised by what our space has to offer. Come through for a tour and try us out – you might find that coworking suits your needs better than you thought. If a private office is still what you think you need, we’d be happy to refer you to spaces that can offer that service.

How can I get after-hours access?

Any 24/7 membership allows for 24/7 access. Key fobs are a $50 refundable deposit.

How do Passes work?

Once you check in (either with reception or tapping your fob at the private members entrance), a 24/7 pass is valid up until midnight. So, you can leave to your car or go grab a bite and your single pass works from midnight-midnight. A second pass will be used if you check in anytime after midnight.

Can I share a membership?

You can share any of our 24/7 memberships. All your time credits, passes, & printing credits can be shared if every team member has a $30 Virtual Membership add-on which also give you an extra pass to share every month. If you have a Unlimited or Dedicated desk, instead of you having unlimited access for these plans, you will instead have 7 passes/week to share. Each member would need an additional $50 key fob deposit and must check in separately if they’d like to work on the same days together each would need to use a pass from their plan.

Where can I sit?

We designed our space to be as flexible as possible for everyone using it. We encourage all hot desk members to move about the space to find the area that best suits them. Or, if you become bored of your desk and need a change of scenery, you are always welcome to hop up and move about! If you see items or belongings at a desk, that means you’ll have to find another place to sit while that one is being used.

Do I have to sign a contract?

All of our memberships are month-to-month. We understand that life changes quickly and try to be flexible with our offerings. Hot Desk members can change or end their memberships with as little notice as one business day. We ask for thirty days notice for Residents. All members do have to sign a member agreement with us. If you would like to review the agreement before you come in, we’d be happy to send it to you electronically.

Can I bring my dog?

Sure! Dogs who are quiet and happy just lounging all day love our space. We ask that you keep your pooch leashed and by your side while you’re here – that keeps pets and people happy. Disruptive, destructive, or unfriendly dogs will be asked to stay home. And actually, disruptive, destructive, or unfriendly humans will be asked to do the same.

Does my pet have to stay on their leash in the facility?

Your pet must stay on leash in the facilities, please do not bring your pet in if they are known to be vocal or aggressive.

How can I make bookings?

You can make bookings on our web portal, on our app, or through reception but phoning or emailing.

How do booking credits work?

When you make bookings on our web portal, on our app, or through reception but phoning or emailing our system will always calculate your credits into your booking. If you’ve gone over your included hours, it will charge you a regular rate.

Do I have to use my passes within the month of purchase?

Yes, if your passes are part of a membership, they do not roll over to the next month, but they do get refilled every time your contract renews.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency, phone one of the Co-Owners:

Mike: 604-916-2425

Erin: 604-842-9064

If there is a crime being committed, please phone the police or 911.

Who do I call for a security issue?

For a security issue please phone Mike at 604-842-9064. If it’s an emergency, please phone 911.

Are there areas in the space not accessible to members?

Every area in the space is accessible to members except the private office. Although, all of the bookable resources must be booked in advance (please check the bookings calendar before using).

Can I get additional hours to book rooms?

You definitely can! We have 5-, 10-, & 20-hour packages available for all our rentable spaces except for the event space. Members get a discounted price. Although these hours are non-refundable, they also do not expire and can be used anytime.

What are the receptions working hours?

Reception is mostly available during 9am-5pm. We may have a few facilitators who work later shift, but just assume reception is only available during that time.

Is it okay for me to talk on the phone?

Of course – this is an office, after all! That said, it is important to be respectful of those around you. If you need to discuss something confidential, need to raise your voice a bit more than usual, or simply need privacy, we suggest you step into an available meeting room or one of our phone booths. Otherwise, feel free to take calls at your desk – we all need to from time to time.

Can I add a media package on top of my current membership?

You definitely can! We have 5-, 10-, & 20-hour packages available for all our rentable spaces except for the event space. Members get a discounted price. Although these hours are non-refundable, they also do not expire and can be used anytime.

Do I get a refund if I no longer want a membership and I have passes left?

Our contracts are extremely flexible and are only on a month-to-month basis. You cannot get a refund if you have unused passes. You can though request a pause on your membership and cancel anytime.

How long after I do not renew my membership until I am removed from the exclusive members social media, Slack and WhatsApp group?

You will still have access to our virtual network if your membership has been paused with a future re-start date lined up. If you do not give us a return date, or you decide to cancel, we often do housekeeping on these platforms, therefore you will be removed if you are no longer a member.

Can I decorate my designated desk?

Since you have put a deposit down, you are more than welcome to decorate if you have a dedicated desk. Please make sure not to put any holes in the walls or damage any of the desks, if this happens without permission, your deposit will not be refunded.

Can I pause my membership?

You can pause your membership up to once a year for 1 month with a start date lined up to begin billing again.

How do I know if I have a delivery?

If you have a virtual office, or a Unlimited or Dedicated Desk membership, you will receive an email with the picture of the envelope or package notifying you if you’ve received mail. If you’ve missed or lost the email you can log into the web portal or app to view your deliveries.

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