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Facilitator Exchange

Want to be a bigger part of our community, in making sure our operations run smoothly while getting a chance to lower your monthly expenses? We’d love to have you as a “TFN Facilitator”!


Our facilitator program is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to either start up or grow their business, get experience for a practicum or an internship, or find work within our network.

A TFN Facilitator is a VIP Member who works with staff to prioritize community needs. Greet guests, answer questions, lead tours, and maintain a front-of-the-space presence, all while building fun projects to keep the community connected. Enjoy all the perks of TFN membership. At The Fountainhead Network, we strive to create a space that feels like home, where the community is vital.

Here's the Deal:

Join our TFN Facilitator program and exchange two four-hour shifts per week or one 8 hour shift for an Unlimited Membership.


With this membership, you'll have 24/7 office space, professional headshots, studio time, a professional business address, meeting room time, wellness and accountability coaching, and access to a supportive and resourceful community filled with resources to help elevate your start-up.


At TFN, connect with web developers, graphic designers, digital marketers, video producers, podcasters, content creators, coaches, and consultants in one hub for a never-ending learning opportunity!

Thank you for applying! We'll be in touch!
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