Facilitator Exchange

A “TFN Facilitator” is essentially a VIP Member in a sense. They work with the TFN staff to make sure we have our community members needs at the top of our priority. They help greet people, answer questions, lead tours, and keep a presence at the front of the space. They also get to build any fun project ideas to keep our community connected and still get to be TFN members!

Here at The Fountainhead Network, we strive to make the space feel like your own. We know how important community members feel about making sure this is the best space we can work together in.

Here's the Deal:

TFN Facilitators will work two five-hour shifts per week. In exchange, they get a 24/7 Hot Desk membership. If you’re interested in upgrading to 24/7 Dedicated desk membership during your term as a TFN Facilitator, you can do so for just $100 a month!

Since this is a trade arrangement, it is important that you fill as many of your scheduled shifts as possible. We all get sick or go on vacation, but these should be exceptions. If you are unable to work your regular shift, you are responsible for getting it covered.  Fortunately, someone on the TFN Facilitator team can usually help you out.

Thank you for applying! We'll be in touch!